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For the last 20 years twin sisters, Lisa Lyngos and Leisha and Murphy have been helping singles find love. The duo’s warm personalities, sense of humor, relatability and wisdom are the cornerstones of their success. 

1000’s of couple are together today, who would have never met without us!

Their amazing track record of introducing couples who end up in a successful relationship is not an accident. They have perfected a process that's personal and far surpasses anything possible online. Atlantans have come to know and trust these two whole-heartedly.

Meet the Matchmakers

Leisha Murphy

Founding Partner

Recognized as a pioneer in the modern revival of matchmaking. It seems like Leisha has simply always been at the right place at the right time, and then knew what to do with it when opportunity met preparation. In the early 90's, Leisha started her career in Houston, Texas.  She founded Single Atlanta 20 years ago after marrying her husband, Les Murphy and relocating to Atlanta. Today, as Founding Partner of the firm, she is active in serving clients in the firm’s “Luxury Division.” A classic “connector” with a warm personality, her talents and expertise have made her one of the most sought after matchmakers.  This remarkable resume has helped to establish her as a matchmaking industry thought leader, her insights have garnered her recognition from The Atlanta Journal Constitution to CNN and The Today Show.

Lisa Lyngos

Managing Partner

Lisa's leadership has helped to build a powerful company filled with exceptional individuals dedicated to helping her clients. A testament to the strong culture she has created, the majority of the staff have 10 years-plus tenure.  She believes there are 3 non-negotiable traits required to work at Single Atlanta; "a big brain, a big sense of humor and a big heart".  Since her career in the modeling and fashion industry, she says people have always opened up to her easily. “I think people sense that I like to talk about values, dreams, and things that they hold very personal. When I talk to people, we are able to dig deep very quickly. It’s a rich experience.”The approachability, accompanied by professionalism and intuition, make her a force for change in the lives of singles in Atlanta.  A former Texan (and proud of it), Lisa is a graduate of Baylor University. 

Meet The Team

Les Murphy


A graduate of Baylor University with degrees in accounting, biology and chemistry, Les has been a proprietor in the dating industry since 1998. He became an entrepreneur after six years in marketing with IBM, and has applied those marketing talents into building the largest personal matchmaking company in the Southeast.

Kathleen Messana

Executive Matchmaker

Kathleen has been with Single Atlanta for over 12 years and finding love for singles all over the country for more than two decades. Insightful and thorough, Kathleen’s clients love her ability to put them at ease and offer her abilities as a mentor and coach. “Success in dating is defined at the beginning of the process,” says this seasoned professional. “You begin with a fundamental decision, in which you have to say I am ready to move on and create the life I’ve always wanted.”

Patricia Davis

Director of Public Relations

Patricia joins us in the role of public relations director and is a perfect fit for her new position. Her impeccable style and natural ability to connect with people was honed as a retail executive with over 35 years experience in the fashion luxury retail sales industry. She has been associated with Single Atlanta since 2015. In her new role, she will be instrumental in spreading the word about the great things happening here and how we are impacting our city by helping the incredible clients we work with find love.

Ami Tyrseck

Client Services Department

Our newest matchmaker to "rejoin" the team. Ami worked with us for 5 years from 2001-2006. After taking time to be a stay at home mom, we are thrilled that she has come back to Single Atlanta Matchmakers once again. 
Her life skills, humble approach, and experience in the industry have made her a well-rounded fit to help the singles she meets feel comfortable taking this all-important step in finding the relationship they've always wanted. Her day-to-day "glass half full" outlook goes hand in hand with Single Atlanta Matchmakers positive and encouraging approach working with our clients.

Brittany Thompson

Social Media Manager

Brittany joined our team this year, igniting her passion to create and communicate excitement through all media outlets. As an Atlanta native, she is always up on whats happening and the latest events around the city. She has a passion for connecting others and bringing them together through experiences. You can find her dishing these “best of” and “can’t miss” affairs, as well as our “Twice the Advice” column, on our website, Instagram and Facebook. Stay tuned for what's to come. And "Like her"; we do.

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